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Apple Repair

Apple Repair Services and Maintenance in Yerevan

There are quite a lot of technology repair centers in Yerevan, but there are few centers where Macbook, iMac, Mac mini, iWatch and iPhone are repaired by technicians, who are specialized in Apple repairs. Our service center specialists provide high quality of service and repair using original Apple spare parts. We carry out repairs to any complexity of equipment, including upgrade of motherboards, replacement of various components with original spare parts, as well as software maintenance.

Cost and time of Apple repair

Before starting the renovation, our specialists carry out a free technical inspection and diagnostics, after which the cost and term of the repair will be determined. In many cases, repairs can be done during the same day. At our center prices are not changed after accepting and giving back the equipment. And in cases where equipment is in a bad condition and it is useless to spend money on repairs, we honestly inform it.

The cost of any Apple hardware or iPhone repair depends on the complexity of the injury, which is determined by preliminary examination.

We repair the following Apple brand equipment:
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Macbook
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Macbook Air
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Macbook Pro
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Macbook Pro Retina
‚󏬆¬† ¬†iMac
‚󏬆¬† ¬†iMac Pro
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Mac mini
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Mac Mini Server
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Mac Pro
‚󏬆¬† ¬†iPad¬†
‚󏬆¬† ¬†iPhone
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Time capsule
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Sinema Display
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Thunderbolt Display
‚󏬆¬† ¬†Apple Watch

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