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Laptop Repair

Repair and maintenance of Macbooks and laptops

The Apple Service and Repair center carries out repairs and maintenance of computer equipment, including Macbooks and laptops by highly qualified specialists.
Before starting the renovation, our specialists inspect the equipment for free, determine the complexity of the work, after which the cost and duration of the work are determined.

Macbook motherboard repair, replacement of broken parts of laptops, Macbooks

If the cause of the notebook malfunction is a component or spare part, then we will repair it, and if the damage cannot be repaired, we recommend replacing it with new quality spare parts.
At our service center, we repair or replace components such as screens, keyboards, batteries, and chargers and we also do laptop cleaning.

Software service for laptops

In addition to repair, we also have Macbooks and laptops software - format, workflow, software updates, and more.

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